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  • Español

    En Avila Dental ofrecemos odontología general y cosmética para toda la familia. Nuestra clínica está enfocada en ti –  tu confort, tu salud, y tu felicidad. Mientras estás en Avila Dental serás nuestra única prioridad y tendrás toda nuestra atención. Tratamos a todos nuestros pacientes con un toque personal  y cálido, para hacer la experiencia  …

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  • Find a Seattle Dentist at Practice Avila Dental on ZocDoc

  • An environmentally conscious office

    From dental school in 1997 until today, I have spent a lot of time in dental clinic settings.   Traditionally, one thing that most if not all clinics have in common is excessive waste.  When I was designing my “dream office” (see my previous blog entry) I was committed to creating a more environmentally friendly dental …

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  • My dream office

    After one and a half months of opening the office I decided to sit down and work on my blog. There are hundreds of dental topics that come to my mind: whitening, clenching, oral cancer, gum disease, baby teeth, and so on. So I decided to write a little bit about the story of this …

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  • What are the causes of oral cancer?

    Mainly tobacco use (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipe, cigars) is the most common cause of oral cancer. Heavy drinking, especially when combined with tobacco use, can also cause oral cancer. Prolonged exposure to direct sun light can cause cancerous lesions on the lips. Always protect your lips when exposing to the sun!

  • What are the warning signs of oral cancer?

    Many different symptoms can occur: a sore in the mouth, lip, or throat that does not heal in 14 days, a lump in the lip, mouth, or throat, an unusual bleeding lesion, a jaw growth, a red or white patch, pain or difficulty swallowing.

  • What causes sensitive teeth?

    Usually sensitivity is caused by exposure of the porous part of the tooth, the dentin. Dentin exposure can be caused by fractures, enamel wear, or gum recession.

  • How do I prepare my child for his/her first dental visit?

    Talk to child about what to expect during the first visit. During the first visit the main purpose is to familiarize the child with the dental setting, do a general oral check, and possibly a cleaning. Talk to your child about what to expect, and build excitement and understanding about the visit. Never mention negative …

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  • When should my child have his/her first dental visit?

    A child should have his/her first dental visit at one year of age. During this time the dentist can examine the development of the child’s mouth. Also it is a good time to start good oral health habits.

  • Welcome to my Blog

    This is where I’ll be posting comments, sharing the latest information and writing articles. I hope you enjoy them and I welcome any topic suggestions.

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