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The 2 Minute Brushing Myth and How to Help Your Kids Brush Longer

Dentists often cite the “twice daily for 2 minutes” rule for children and for the most part, that’s a great strategy. It keeps things simple and straightforward for your children to help them understand dental and oral health. But there are disadvantages of this practice, as children and young people focus on duration rather than ensuring effective, healthy brushing techniques.

Know Your Kids

You know better than anyone what your children respond to best. Musically-oriented children may get excited about brushing along to a song or beat; visually-gifted kids might want to brush to a YouTube video or TV show. No matter what you incorporate into your household’s daily routine, make sure you stay consistent and don’t skip any brushing sessions – that’s how bad habits can develop.

Don’t Just Brush

It’s too easy to rely on colorful toothbrushes based on superheroes or cartoons in order to get your kids excited about brushing, but that’s just one step of their entire oral care needs. Make flossing a family activity, one that takes place as part of your nightly pre-bedtime routine. Mouthwash is appropriate for some children under the supervision of an adult, so watch your kids carefully if you plan to introduce mouthwash into their oral health treatments.

Reinforce the Issue

Studies show that young children are at the most susceptible age for developing lifetime oral hygiene habits – both good and bad. While it’s not advisable to scare your children with the possibility of serious dental health problems in the future, reminding them that their teeth are precious, valuable, and impossible to truly replace – that is, until the Tooth Fairy scoops up their baby teeth.

For more advice on how to keep brushing fun and effective for your whole family, contact the offices of Avila Dental in North Seattle. We can guide you and your children to a lifetime of healthy dental hygiene habits and help treat any problems that may arise along the way. Give us a call today to schedule a checkup for your whole family!

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