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Support and protect a weak or broken tooth in two visits.

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Unfortunately, teeth don’t repair themselves or heal on their own. If untreated, your weak or broken tooth may worsen and become more painful, costly, and complex to treat.

A dental crown can be used to restore the appearance and health of a broken, cracked, or misshapen tooth.

Porcelain crowns are created using minimally invasive procedures. In two visits, we’ll:

  • Restore your smile with a natural look
  • Strengthen your damaged tooth
  • Prevent further dental problems

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Customized for You

For your new smile, porcelain crowns will be custom-made to look like tooth enamel and blend in seamlessly.

Prevent Further Damage

Crowns protect, strengthen, and restore your damaged, weak teeth. They preserve your jaw bone structure too.

Cost Effective

Avoid invasive and costly treatments such as root canals or extractions by proactively treating an injured tooth with a crown.


We’re dedicated to improving the health of your smile.
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At Avila Dental, we realize undergoing a restorative dentistry procedure is an investment. It can be scary too. We genuinely care about you and want you to have a healthy, functioning smile.

That’s why we protect and strengthen your teeth with porcelain crowns.

If you have a tooth that you’d like to repair, contact us to receive:

  • Personalized recommendations with no pressure or biases
  • High-quality materials and gentle techniques
  • Additional cosmetic and restorative services to accomplish your smile goals

Get started today with a consultation.

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On your first of two visits, you’ll meet with us to go over your needs and goals for a crown.

We’ll do an exam and determine your best options together.

Once we’ve got your treatment plan in place, we’ll get started.


Throughout the process, we help ensure a painless and comfortable visit.

After numbing the affected area, we’ll prepare your tooth by gently filing it down.

Then we’ll have a professional dental lab create your customized crown.

You’ll receive a temporary dental crown until your permanent crown is ready.


Your second visit is all about the final touches.

We’ll place your permanent crown after ensuring the fit and color are correct.

You’ll leave with a restored and protected tooth covered by a porcelain crown that blends in naturally.

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