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Finally, get the white smile you’ve always wanted.

Tired of Tooth Whitening Products that Don’t Work?

Whiten your smile up to several shades with professional teeth bleaching.

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It’s no secret that whitening toothpaste and at-home kits can only whiten your teeth so much, if at all. Even after repeating treatments, your teeth may still look yellow, stained, discolored, or maintain short-lived results.

That’s why patients love professional teeth whitening by our dentist:

  • Removes years of stubborn stains
  • Produces whiter, longer-lasting results
  • Helps you look younger and healthier
  • Can be done in one appointment or from the comfort of your home

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No more wasted time or money! Our in-office system and take-home kit are highly effective at removing deep stains and dramatically whitening your teeth.


Unlike whitening strips, we can customize your tooth whitening treatment to achieve your goal while minimizing gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.


Professional-grade whitening produces whiter results much faster than over-the-counter products. It’s perfect if you have a big event coming up.

Why Choose Avila Dental for Teeth Whitening?

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Store-bought tooth whiteners aren’t made for you. They don’t account for the cause of your discoloration, sensitivity, desired shade of white, etc. But we do!

Our Northgate dentist has your best interest at heart. Dr. Veronica Bello will spend time getting to know you and your smile before recommending professional teeth whitening.

This ensures you:

  • Feel informed and confident investing in professional teeth whitening
  • Receive even white results, especially if you have dental restorations
  • Minimize your risk of side effects
  • Achieve the level of white you desire

Ready to boost your confidence with teeth whitening? Contact Avila Dental today!

Portrait of your Seattle cosmetic dentist, Dr. Veronica Bello

First, we’ll ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and suitable for teeth whitening. Then, based on your current tooth color and dream smile, we’ll recommend the best option.


We’ll choose your ideal tooth shade and prep your teeth for in-office whitening or bleaching at home with trays. For in-office service, we clean and dry your teeth, plus apply a protective gel to the gums.


Your teeth receive a whitening application in one visit at the office. For professional whitening at home, you’ll wear your whitening trays according to the custom treatment plan.

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