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Treating Patients of All Ages

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Being proactive and visiting the dentist regularly helps you achieve optimal oral health while saving you time and money. Caught early, dental disease and other oral problems are much easier and faster to treat. Experience family dentistry for kids, teens, and adults in Northgate, Seattle with Avila Dental.

We offer a wide range of preventive services to keep your whole family’s smile happy and healthy. Our team never recommends unnecessary treatments, and if there’s a more serious issue, we present the best treatment options. These may include lifestyle changes, medicine, and conventional procedures.

If you truly value your smile, it makes sense to invest in it with preventative care. We’re here to help your gums and teeth look and feel healthy for life!

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Our Family Dental Services

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Children's Dentistry

We take extra steps to make you and your child feel at ease every time, from your child’s first dentist visit to every appointment after that. Our family practice makes kids’ dentist visits memorable for the right reasons by only using non-scary medical terms, promoting good habits, and offering fun video games for entertainment. Together, we can help your child enjoy visiting the dentist.

Periodontal Care

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums surrounding the teeth and is one of the top reasons for tooth loss in adults. Many patients don’t realize they have it, so we check for signs at every check-up. Healthy gums are the foundation for great oral health, and we offer the latest techniques to prevent, diagnose, and treat gum disease with non-surgical and laser treatments.


A nightguard helps prevent teeth grinding (bruxism) and snoring at night, and may be used in TMJ therapy. Our custom-fit oral devices are comfortable, high-quality, easy to keep clean, and don’t interfere with breathing. Enjoy a better night’s rest with our custom nightguards and discover an effortless way to prevent jaw pain and discomfort.

TMJ Therapy
Jaw and facial pain or aching, and headaches are all possible signs of TMJ problems.

Constant pain and aching around the jaw can take over your life.

Tenderness in the jaw can make it difficult to talk or painful to chew.

If left untreated, these may cause bigger health-related problems.

TMJ therapy can help relax the muscles around the joints for a more comfortable position, relieving your pain.

Emergency Care

Avila Dental in Seattle offers emergency dental care during business hours. If you have a broken tooth or mouth pain, please contact us right away, and we’ll do our best to get you in. Dental emergencies happen for many reasons, from accidents to negligence, and we offer advice by phone or schedule you in ASAP. For after-hours dental emergencies, please visit your local ER.

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‘‘I have been going to Avila Dental for several years and have had a great experience. The staff is all very kind and knowledgeable, and Dr. Bello is gentle, caring, and skilled. Even my wife, who dreads going to the dentist, is comfortable at Avila. All my kids go there too!’’

Maren B. (Avila Dental Patient)

‘‘Dr. Bello is amazing, and I love the staff just as much! I have been looking for a dentist in Seattle that will listen to my needs and found just the right family. I felt at home immediately on my first visit. They are so supportive, knowledgeable, approachable, and welcoming.’’

Arjayne E. (Avila Dental Patient)

‘‘Avila Dental is our family dentist. It's like visiting a friend each time; high-quality dentistry with a great and friendly staff! I totally recommend them for all ages.’’

Ayca D. (Avila Dental Patient)

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Providing quality preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry to families in Northgate and the surrounding North Seattle communities.

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