Anti-snoring Therapy

Sleep happily ever after!

Do You Long For a Good Night’s Sleep?

Anti-snoring therapy helps you sleep better and feel full of energy the next day.

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Is your snoring keeping you or your loved one awake? Are you constantly tired during the day?

Snoring can leave you with morning headaches or a dry throat. It’s no fun feeling too tired to work or play. Snoring (sleep apnea) can affect your relationships and health if left untreated.

Anti-snoring therapy identifies the cause of your problem and provides solutions to:

  • Restless sleep patterns

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Reduced attention span

If you have problems sleeping or constantly feel drowsy during the day, you may need anti-snoring therapy. Give Avila Dental a call today.

Better Sleep Pattern

By not snoring, you will sleep for longer without interruption. This will help you have a better night’s sleep.

Improved Health

Stress and anxiety levels are reduced.

Associated illnesses such as high blood pressure and chest pains are also reduced.

Higher Levels of Energy

Daytime lethargy is replaced with an increased ability to tackle regular and additional tasks.

Improve Your Sleep and Health with Avila Dental’s Anti-snoring Therapy

Better sleep, more energy, less stress.
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Waking up with a headache or feeling too tired to complete simple tasks each day affects your quality of life.

We’ll work with you to identify and treat your snoring—no judgment, just compassion and care. Dr. Bello’s extensive training and experience can help you get a full night’s sleep.

Avila Dental can give you better sleep and quality of life through:

  • Use of the latest technology to assess and treat the problem
  • Complete care support from the first exam to the treatment and ongoing home support.

Breathe new life into your dreams with anti-snore therapy in North Seattle, WA.

Portrait of your Seattle cosmetic dentist, Dr. Veronica Bello

Dr. Bello will discuss your symptoms and carry out a full mouth examination to understand the possible causes.


The most suitable method, according to your consultation, for treating your specific problem will be used.


Continuous monitoring will help adjust any treatment. Dr. Bello will keep a close eye on your progress.

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