Pediatric Dentistry for North Seattle, WA

Giving those healthy grins a reason to shine.

Why Kids LOVE Avila Dental!

We make it a practice to match proper dental care with wholesome fun at our practice.


Being parents ourselves, we aim to co-protect your little bundles of joy from future painful and unsightly dental problems when they are older. Our pediatric dentistry in North Seattle builds a strong foundation for oral health.

Time Efficient

We know how busy you are, that’s why we can treat parents and kids at the same time. This way you don’t have to ask for extra time off work and school.


Maintaining their smile will help your child to develop confidence and healthy habits for adulthood. We aim to help them feel safe and never develop a fear of the dentist—even if their parents once did.

Play Video Games at the Dentist!

How good are you at playing video games? Show off your gamer skills during your dental appointment and we'll reward you with a special prize if you can beat our highest score!
Pediatric Dentistry North Seattle - Play Dental Wall Runner at our children's dentistry practice in Seattle!
Dental Wall Runner

Tap or click to jump side to side and avoid the obstacles… keep it calm to get the highest score!

Pediatric Dentistry North Seattle - Play Dental Ninja during your kids dental appointment!
Dental Ninja

Swipe to slice the fruit and gain points. Focus to get combos but AVOID the deadly candy bombs!

*To find out what the highest score is the day of your visit, just ask us. The special prize is valid for patients ages 3-12. But adults are welcome to play too!

‘‘Dr. Bello is fantastic. My children were visiting the dentist for the first time and it was a success. Wonderful experience!’’


Ile Ana (actual patient) | Facebook Review of Avila Dental

Free Dental Coloring Sheet for Kids

Just One Way We Make Pediatric Dentistry for North Seattle Kiddos Fun

Pediatric Dentistry North Seattle - Download your free kids coloring sheet!
  • Download and print the coloring sheet for your children’s appointment

  • They can color in our kids area

  • We have crayons

How Can We Help Your Children Smile?

Avila Dental cares about your children’s oral health. From sports mouthguards to preventative dentistry and even emergency appointments, our comprehensive list of pediatric dentistry services has your little ones covered.

Proactive Care

Avila Dental is all about being proactive to avoid big costs and painful procedures later on. We have seen how helping your children feel at ease and to learn good oral hygiene habits at an early age makes the difference between a healthy smile and a poor smile as adults.

With proactive cleanings and oral screenings, we help identify early on problems or weak spots to prevent dental problems from developing in the first place. When you bring your children for their regular checkups, we have a better chance at keeping their dentistry minimally invasive and more maintenance-focused.

We use pleasant, non-judgemental, and simple words to help your child get involved in their own health care. When this good communication regularly exists between a patient, child, and pediatric dentist, the little ones will see brushing, flossing, and eating properly at home as an enjoyable routine—not a dreaded chore.

When needed, we also provide extractions in cases of overcrowding, wisdom tooth extractions, and dental emergencies.


If your child loves sports, it’s your job to help them be safe.

In line with the standards of the American Dental Association, we provide custom-fit durable mouthguards to help protect your child’s gums and teeth from damage or development issues resulting from injury without interfering with proper breathing.


We might forget that for younger kids, it can be hard to maneuver that big toothbrush properly. It may be a challenge for them to reach everywhere. We apply sealants (a plastic resin that bonds and hardens in the deep grooves of the tooth’s surface) to make brushing easier and more effective against tooth decay and cavities.


Ouch! Accidents at play or at school may happen to anyone. If that is your case, know that our first priority is to get your child comfortable and to save the tooth with minimally invasive techniques.

Save our number to contact us immediately if your child has a broken tooth or another dental emergency at ☎206-420-3836.

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