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Are Troubled Teeth Causing You Sleepless Nights?

Professional tooth extractions remove the pain.

A dentist performing a tooth extraction

Are you suffering from acute tooth pain or damaged teeth?

There’s nothing worse than living with a severe toothache. This pain can take over your daily life and, if not treated, could lead to greater complications and infections.

A quick and simple tooth extraction can help restore your normal life and ease the pain.

An extraction can also be used to:

  • Prevent further complications
  • Relieve pain

  • Help achieve your perfect smile
  • Prepare your smile for replacement solutions

For instant pain relief or to help achieve your perfect smile, request an appointment in North Seattle.

Achieve Your Smile Goals

A tooth extraction helps reduce overcrowding or remove damaged teeth. This results in a healthy and beautiful smile.

Restore Your Normal Life

A badly decayed or damaged tooth can cause havoc on your quality of life, causing pain while you chew.

Fortunately, a tooth extraction eliminates these issues, relieving your pain.

Save Other Teeth

A tooth infection can spread to the surrounding teeth and gums.

A tooth extraction removes a compromised tooth while preserving the rest.

Quick and Easy Extractions at Avila Dental

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Many people find a tooth extraction scary – and that’s ok. Finding the right dentist can help put you at ease and give you the confidence to do something about your pain.

Dr. Bello has many years of experience in dentistry and prides herself on understanding and caring for her patients.

This includes:

  • A comfortable, pain-free experience through innovative dentistry
  • Improvement of oral and general health to boost your confidence
  • Minimizing the risk of infection through modern technology

If you need pain relief for a broken or damaged tooth, call Avila Dental today.

Dr. Bello from Avila Dental North Seattle

Dr. Bello will carefully assess and discuss your situation before suggesting the best solution.

Once you’ve agreed to a treatment plan, she’ll administer an anesthetic.


The procedure to remove the tooth is carried out under anesthetic.

Depending on the tooth’s location, extraction could take around 30 minutes.


Full at-home instructions are given during the recovery period for eating and drinking.

Some people experience minor discomfort after an extraction, but this should fade quickly.

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