TMJ Therapy

Relieve the pain and take control of your life again.

Do You Have Constant Aching or Tenderness Around Your Jaw?

TMJ therapy can identify the cause and remove the pain and discomfort.

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Jaw and facial pain or aching, and headaches are all possible signs of TMJ problems.

Constant pain and aching around the jaw can take over your life.

Tenderness in the jaw can make it difficult to talk or painful to chew.

If left untreated, these may cause bigger health-related problems.

TMJ therapy can help relax the muscles around the joints for a more comfortable position, relieving your pain.

  • Improve your mood and quality of life

  • Relieve the pain and discomfort

  • Stop the jaw from locking in position

If you feel any pain or aching around your jaw, call Avila Dental and ask about TMJ therapy today.

Better Quality of Life

Your mood will improve, and you’ll feel more confident to take on normal activities.

Your diet may also improve with the ability to eat without pain.

Relief From Facial Pain or Discomfort

Relief from pain can be felt within the first 48 hours.

Your headaches will disappear, your jaw movement will be easier, and chewing will no longer be painful.

Prevent Any Further Related Problems

Avoid several related issues, such as neck and back pain and heart problems.

Potential oral problems connected with the cause of TMJ can also be avoided.

Why TMJ Therapy With Avila Dental?

Finding and treating the right cause is essential.
Portrait of your Seattle cosmetic dentist, Dr. Veronica Bello

You may be skeptical if that ringing in your ears or the constant headache actually has anything to do with your mouth or jaw.

However, with years of experience, Dr. Bello has treated numerous patients with TMJ therapy. She understands and can diagnose when the symptoms could be related to TMJ and need further examination.

What might sound unrelated or crazy to you may be an important clue for Dr. Bello.

The Avila team provides a caring and welcoming environment.

  • All symptoms are possible clues and treated with respect

  • Modern techniques and appliances are used for assessment and treatment

  • If additional related treatment is required, this is also offered

Let’s improve your quality of life today!

Portrait of your Seattle cosmetic dentist, Dr. Veronica Bello

Everything starts with your initial contact with Dr. Bello. Through a series of questions, she will discuss your pain points.

Dr. Bello will conduct a full-mouth and head examination. This exam will identify precisely the causes of your symptoms.


Dr. Bello will prescribe suitable treatments depending on your examination results.

Treatments can range from mouthguards to Botox.

You may need additional dental procedures, and Dr. Bello will discuss these with you.


Your progress will be monitored by Dr. Bello and the team at Avila dental.

With different forms of treatment possible, the observations need to be very individualized.

For example, the first 24 to 48 hours with Botox should show reduced pain.

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