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How to Use the Tooth Fairy as a Teaching Tool

The Tooth Fairy is a fun tradition to carry onto your children, but the magical little lady is also a great way to introduce your children to better oral health habits and long-term dental practices. Here are a few suggestions for using the Tooth Fairy as a fun and safe teaching tool for your young children:

Leave a Personalized Note

Even more exciting than the prospect of losing one’s tooth is the expectation of a reward or praise from the Tooth Fairy. Use a calligraphy pen and “special paper” to leave a personalized note to your child from the Tooth Fairy, congratulating them on their lost tooth and reminding them of the positive aspects of good dental care.

Use Healthier Rewards

A cash reward is also a good way to teach young children about responsible finance, but rewarding your children with colorful toothbrushes with their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes is a great way to bring some excitement to bedtime brushing.

Introduce Her Early On

Bringing the Tooth Fairy into the fold at an early age helps reinforce good dental hygiene habits as well as helping teach your children about the normalcy of visiting the dentist and losing their baby teeth.

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