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What is Gum Laser Treatment?

A Revolutionary Approach for Dental Wellness.
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Gum Laser Treatment is a modern dental technique revolutionizing gum care.

At Avila DentalThis link leads to Home page in Seattle, WA, Dr. Bello utilizes this advanced  technology to treat various gum conditions such as Laser Bacterial Reduction.

This minimally invasive procedure involves using a specialized laser to gently and precisely remove infected tissue, promoting healing and regeneration.

You’re opting for cutting-edge dental care designed to enhance oral health by choosing Avila Dental for gum laser treatment.

LASER BACTERIAL REDUCTION: Targeted Periodontal Treatment

Elevate your gum health with advanced treatment.

Laser Bacterial Reduction is a breakthrough periodontal treatment available at Avila Dental in Seattle, WA. This advanced procedure utilizes laser technology to precisely disinfect periodontal pockets, eliminating harmful bacteria contributing to gum infections.

This is a minimally invasive treatment with minor discomfort that promotes faster healing. It effectively reduces inflammation and bleeding associated with gum disease while stimulating the healing process within the gums. Laser Bacterial Reduction selectively targets infected areas, preserving healthy gum tissue and promoting optimal oral health.

At Avila Dental, we prioritize your oral health and utilize innovative techniques like Laser Bacterial Reduction to provide you with the best possible gum care.

Dr. Bello’s expertiseThis link leads to the Team page in Laser Bacterial Reduction ensures a precise and comfortable experience, supporting your journey to healthier gums.

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Discover Details about Laser Bacterial Reduction
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  • What is Laser Bacterial Reduction?
    Laser Bacterial Reduction is an advanced periodontal treatment that utilizes laser technology to target and eliminate bacteria in periodontal pockets, promoting gum health and reducing inflammation.
  • Is Laser Bacterial Reduction a painful procedure?
    Laser Bacterial Reduction is a minimally invasive and relatively painless procedure. Patients may experience mild discomfort, but it is generally well-tolerated, and any discomfort is minor compared to traditional surgical treatments.
  • How long does a Laser Bacterial Reduction procedure typically take?
    The duration of a Laser Bacterial Reduction procedure varies based on the extent of treatment needed. However, a single Laser Bacterial Reduction session usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes, providing a swift and efficient periodontal disinfection process.
  • What are the post-treatment care instructions for Laser Bacterial Reduction?
    After a Laser Bacterial Reduction procedure, patients are advised to follow gentle oral hygiene practices, avoid spicy or hard foods, and adhere to any specific post-treatment recommendations provided by our dental team to support healing and recovery.
  • How many Laser Bacterial Reduction sessions are usually needed to see results?
    The number of Laser Bacterial Reduction sessions required varies depending on the severity of the gum disease and the individual’s response to treatment. During the consultation, Dr. Bello will discuss a personalized treatment plan, including the expected number of sessions.
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