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Restorative Dentistry: Definition, Treatments Offered, And More

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You may be tempted to ignore that intermittent pain from that cavity.

But it won’t stop there.

And that broken tooth is an easy-access port for bacteria. 

However, Avila Dental, serving Seattle, WA, and the nearby region, offers preventative treatments to stop decay from worsening or further complications.

We strive to see our patients experience their best smiles for as long as possible. We accomplish that through routine dental care and restorative dentistry services.

With restorative care, our team can intervene early, preventing more costly treatment and possibly even emergency dental care. Preventative treatments provide patients peace of mind and the convenience of seeing one dentist they’re comfortable with for basic and restorative dental needs. 

So what exactly is restorative care, you ask? Let’s take a closer look!

Restorative dentistry definition

Restorative dentistry is a general term covering all the treatments used to restore or replace missing, damaged, worn, or decayed teeth. 

Our primary goal with restorative dentistry is to prevent any complications that may occur and help you maintain good oral health for years to come.   

These treatments also restore function, including your ability to speak normally and nosh on your favorite treats. Some even reestablish the appearance of the tooth as well.  

Treatments offered 

Our team offers a variety of treatments to improve your smile, promote optimal oral health, and fit into your budget, such as:


We may recommend a dental filling if you have a cavity — an oral health issue arising from acid erosion from bacteria. 

For this treatment, our dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth, clean it thoroughly, and then apply a filling to prevent the opening from worsening. 

Fortunately, today, our dentist can offer you options with a similar color and luminescence to your teeth. One of the more popular options is composite resin. This material consists of dental-safe glass and plastic, lasting an average of five years or longer

Dental implants  

Dental implants are a permanent solution to replace a missing tooth. Unlike dentures, these remain in your mouth, attached to a post implanted into your jaw. On top of the implant and abutment, our dentist will place the restoration. 

Ultimately, this tooth replacement option looks similar to your natural teeth and functions similarly. 


Crowns cover your entire tooth. Our dentist may recommend one if you have extensive decay or damage to a tooth. We use them on extremely weak or worn teeth as well. 

This treatment is a multiple-step process, ensuring you have a final restoration that looks fantastic and fits snugly. At your first appointment, we’ll prep the tooth and take impressions. Then, we send the information to the lab for crown creation.  

Once the crown returns from the lab, you’ll have your second appointment, which is when our dentist places it. 

One of the more common options we offer at Avila Dental is a porcelain crown — a restoration consisting of a material that resembles a natural tooth in translucency and color, more so than the other options.   

We can’t stress enough that these are only some restorative dentistry treatments we offer here. 

Once you schedule an appointment, we’ll determine all your options and assist you in the selection process, considering your needs, wants, and budget. Our goal is the same as yours: to see you have a healthy, beautiful smile for life!

Contact us today for a consultation if you have a broken, decayed, or damaged tooth. A solution is just a phone call (or message) away!

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